DevOps student at EPSI Bordeaux


Who am I ?

Over the course of my (so far) short life, I’ve always taken a keen interest in all aspects of computer science. From tinkering with hardware to writing svelte webapps through making all kinds of python scripts or Flutter apps.

Currently studying in my second year for a bachelor’s in software engineering at EPSI Bordeaux, I am continuously learning all kinds of new technologies. This year I have started learning new languages such as PHP with Symfony or Typescript with React.

Outside of university I enjoy discovering new ways of writing software, recently taking an interest in Golang for server-side applications such as APIs.

Future life prospects

I ma currently an intern at Onepoint where i will continue my education as a apprentice

Outside of tech

I enjoy a variety of sports: especially badminton, windsurfing, bouldering and mountain bike.

I am also an amateur photograph. Mainly taking night-time photography, especially astrophotography and light painting. Here’s 2 examples of what I take.

astrophotography light painting